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Hurricane Matthew

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 As you may know, we had a few kehillot in the path of Hurricane Matthew.  As it turns out almost all of them are alright with some trees down and no power.  First Congregation Sons of Israel in St. Augustine had water in their sanctuary but no damage to torahs or siddurim. The biggest issue for some is displacement from their communities because of the mandatory evacuations.  How do we know all of this? Simple answer Jo-Anne Tucker-Zemlak who is the KRM responsible for Florida, Georgia, Soth Carolina and North Carolina.  Jo-Anne was in touch with all of the kehillot in Matthews path even before the hurricane's impact was felt.  She then continued to stay in touch with the leadership of those kehillot by email and text throughout Sunday and today.  She has let those displaced know that our congregations in Atlanta and on the West Coast of Florida have opened their doors to those who cannot return home for Yom Kippur services.  

Jo-Anne will tell you, that is just what KRMs do. This is what relationships are about.  Inspite of this just being what she does, I know that you all join me in saying Kol Ha'kavod to Jo-Anne for letting folks know that she and USCJ are there in times of need.

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