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Sending Emails to Individuals from the CRM

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You may now send a personal business email to an individual from the CRM, recording it as a kehilla activity without it being mailed to the default email address for the kehilla.  A new field has been added "Log as Activity Only".  If the kehilla is recorded there, the email will be displayed as an activity for the kehilla without it being emailed to the email address set for the kehilla.  Only those listed in the "To" field will receive the email.  There is the ability to add cc and bcc addresses as well.  Only contacts in the CRM may be added in these fields.

If you start by selecting the kehilla first, the kehilla will appear in the "To" field.  Simply delete it from that field and re-enter it into the "Log as Activity Field".  Please remember that without the kehilla being recorded in either field, the activity will ony be recorded in the individual's record and therefore will not be seen when searching the kehilla's list of activities.


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